Answering the Tough Questions [Ep #17]

Reggie and I synced up once again in the Inland Empire, Murrieta, CA. Dive inside our perspectives and see how we answer the tough questions. It is our hope that this podcast gets your thinking cap on and gets you to ask yourself better questions!


Show Notes

1:18 – Chipotle Pro-Tip
2:47 – Classic LaToof
3:50 – Reggie, What Do You Want?
5:49 – Health Is Everything
6:09 – Reggie, How Do You Define Wealth?
8:03 – Eating Shit
8:55 – Nick Define’s Wealth
10:44 – Listener Comes Over to Dog Sophie
11:15 – Stoic Philosophy
11:51 – Definition of Success
16:25 – How Nick Gets Everything Done
18:00 – Reggie’s Commitment
19:50 – Nick’s Hesitation Toward Mentorship
21:16 – Coach & Mentor – What’s the Difference?
23:45 – Putting these Answers Into Action
27:20 – Goal Setting
30:30 – Defining Happiness
33:30 – Why Do People Want to be Successful?
39:00 – Frustrating Conversations
41:08 – Nick’s Confidence in Sales
45:36 – Wrapping Up / Final Thoughts


Mentioned in the Show

My Book – “The Relentless Mindset”


Stoic Philosophy

Mike Bledsoe (Barbell Business)

What’s Your Commitment?

Journal Pic


Pursuit of Happiness – Movie


Find Reggie Online

Reggie Pic


Final Thoughts

Thanks for listening in. Your support is greatly appreciated! If it wouldn’t be too much to ask, could I get you to rate and review the podcast on iTunes?? I would forever be in your debt!

Ask yourself these questions and write down some things. I think that you’ll find great value in thinking and and pondering on these questions. Until next time my friend, stay #Relentless!

 – Ole LaToof

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