Ep. #18 – “Ballin’ Out of Control”

I’ve had the great privilege to work alongside Melissa as part of Team NutraBio. Melissa is the ultimate hustler and one of the most relentless individuals I have ever met. She’s overcome great odds. You’ll gain some perspective from her story!

Melissa and I have worked and spent time together all over this great country. We’ve done expos in Orlando and Dallas. We had a unique training opportunity in New Jersey and even spent some time in the Big Apple!

I couldn’t possibly do Melissa justice with this bio but here’s my best shot.

Melissa’s Bio

Melissa has been a hustler from day one! She recently competed in her first NPC Show and became nationally qualified. She is well travelled, living in California and Japan, among others, and now Texas!

She has overcome quite the gauntlet of obstacles designed to stop her. Melissa has been relentless in pushing through and not letting anything stop her. She truly is one of the most relentless individuals I have ever stumbled across and I’m honored to call her a friend.

Show Melissa some love at the following spots by giving her a follow and watching her videos. You’ll gain motivation and inspiration, no doubt!

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Instagram: @wonderwoman_lift

YouTube: Wonder Woman Fit

Show Notes

1:07 – How Melissa and Nick Met
1:39 – Melissa’s Story
2:05 – Beginning of Fitness Journey
3:30 – A Tough Diagnoses
5:21 – Feelings After Diagnoses
7:55 – Holistic Approach to Healing
9:02 – No Exercise?!
11:07 – Melissa’s Biggest Motivation
13:12 – Movement is Necessary
14:45 – “Intuitive Lifting”
15:20 – Common Misconceptions Melissa Runs into
17:15 – The Better You Look …..
18:12 – Intermittent Fasting
21:53 – Live to Lift Another Day!
26:10 – Melissa Defines Success
28:15 – Overcoming Fears
35:00 – Final Thoughts

Mentioned in the Show


Intermittent Fasting
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