Ep. #9 – “Does Protein Make You Fat”

Nick answers a very common and frustrating question that’s all-to-common in the fitness industry.

Discussed on the Show

Does Protein Make You Fat? … Short answer: No


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Show Outline

6:55 – How Do You Get Fat?!
11:45 – I’m only working out every 3 days…
13:40 – Why You Need Protein
16:00 – Protein Bloat & Weight Gain
17:20 – What Happens When You Diet
24:15 – Daily Nick
28:00 – New Opportunities For Travel (Nashville, TN?!)
29:00 – LiveFit Texarkana Expo …
31:40 – Lord Have Merci…
33:15 – “Set Point Theory”
37:00 – Protein Tactics
38:45 – Quality Fats
39:20 – Bad Proteins?

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