#33 – “Flipping Through Instagram”

Nick flips through Instagram and discusses what he likes and what he doesn’t, along with the current state of social media.

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#33 – “Flipping Through Instagram”
Release Date – June 15


This will be a very fun podcast and give me an excuse to flip through IG. Because let’s be honest, I’m gonna do it anyway so I might as well be somewhat productive in the process.

Now let me clear some things up up front… I myself have been guilty of some the things I’ll talk some smack about. And trust me, if I could go back in time, and whip my own ass, I would do so! Without a doubt!

However, keep in mind that when I was doing things not everybody was… things change so quickly in this digital age and a lot has changed over the last 4 years.

My intention is not to hurt anybody’s feelings with this episode but rather to entertain and say some things that you may be thinking but just too afraid to express.

Allow me to take that burden off of you and handle all the repercussion this episode is likely to receive.

Remember, you’re most certainly entitled to your opinion and can express it however you’d like to but I’m not required to give a shit and reserve the right to completely ignore you if I find your comment / concern unworthy of response.

So, grab a brewski, relax, and enjoy this episode of flipping through IG…

YouTube Video to Come!

# 1

Videos of putting scoops of protein/pre work/ amigos, etc into cup, shaking it up, and drinking it… it’s not a difficult process; I think most could figure out how you did it if you just simply told them or even simpler took a picture and captioned it with “pre-workout stack” hashtags unnecessary, especially the #NoDaysOff


The girls who constantly post quotes about how they love fiercely and how boys can’t handle them only a real man can but the very next post is about them not needing anybody… if you really didn’t need anybody, you damn sure wouldn’t need to post it…


The bad workout videos… at least go through a little extra effort and clip off the beginning, seeing you walk away from the phone is incredibly discrediting… it takes two seconds to chop that part off…

I mean if you feel like people are actually getting something out of your videos then you owe it to them to give them a little better quality, no?


The girls that want to be taken seriously but have their boobs hanging out in every single picture… yeah, I follow you but not because I really give a shit about what you say… I’m a dude and love boobies… big shock!

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