#28 “There’s Nothing Like Movement.” – Garrett McLaughlin

Friend and colleague, Garrett McClaughlin comes on the show and we discuss human movement, addressing pains appropriately, and the benefits of a well-rounded movement routine.

Garrett McLaughlin

“There’s nothing like movement.”

Garrett McLaughlin – MS, ATC, CSCS, ART – works in the heart of country music, Nashville, TN. Garrett brings a unique perspective to the health and fitness space.

He uses his knowledge of the human body to create safe, and effective, functional training programs. All of his programs are designed to achieve the client’s specific goals and also uncover and improve upon any movement dysfunction. He places emphasis on quality of movement rather than quantity, to restore the bodies natural movement capabilities.

I’ve had the privilege of working alongside of Garrett. He’s one of those guys who puts in the work and over delivers with his clients. I have referred several clients to Garrett and they’ve been very happy with his work.

I can’t recommend Garrett enough. Please, check out more about him and his work at the places below!


“When you’re able to do something without pain,
do that as much as possible.”
– Garrett McLaughlin

Show Outline

1:45 – Garrett’s Intro
5:30 – Garrett and Nick’s Connection
6:00 – Garrett’s Start to Fitness
10:00 – What Personal Trainers Do Wrong
12:28 – Difference between Athletic Training & Personal Training
14:54 – Preventing Injuries Before They Happen
16:57 – Addressing Low Back Pain
20:14 – 10 Min Workout to Help Lower Back Pain
22:28 – Knee Pains and Fixes
27:32 – Heat Before Training?
29:20 – What You Miss Out on By ONLY Focusing on Strength
32:02 – Flexibility Without Stretching
35:26 – Static Stretching Post Workout
36:36 – Foam Rolling: Good or Bad?
41:11 – High Bar Squat vs Low Bar Squat in Relation to Back Pain
44:40 – Squats or Other Exercises
46:35 – Garrett the Entrepreneur
49:20 – Content / Marketing Vantage Points
51:56 – Working For Free
56:28 – What Garrett’s Most Proud of
59:10 – “Strength is Never a Weakness”
1:01:00 – Favorite Quotes
1:02:39 – How Garrett Feels about Fads/Trends of the Industry
1:04:59 – Worse Advice Garrett’s Been Given
1:05:48 – Final Thoughts


Mentioned in the Show


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The Hips Don’t Lie – YouTube Playlist

How to Develop Dynamic Core Stability

Franklin Strength – Where Garrett Currently Works Out Of

Franklin Massage Center

“Today is the best day of your life, better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow.”



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