#30 – “Why Do We Give a Shit?!”


What’s Up Podcast Listeners?? It sure is good to be back! My hiatus wasn’t not necessarily intended but I want to ensure that I only deliver on quality content with the right intent! I desperately wish to add value to each and every person who so graciously lends me their ears.

You may notice that I’ve brought a little edginess to the show this season. I believe I’m beginning to hit my stride in the content production and fully back it with a #Relentless grit!

Hold on to your butts because you’re about to go deep inside the relentless mindset!!

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“Why Do We Give a Shit?!”
Release Date: June 1, 2018


You may be saying to yourself, “damn Nick, coming back with a little edge to ya, aye?” And yes, I suppose you would be correct in saying that. But, the truth of it all is that I’ve been holding back this edginess for a while and it’s time to let it out.

I’m sure you could’ve guessed by the name of the podcast (just wait until next week’s) that this one’s gonna get a little edgy. BUT, I can assure you that you’ll get a full dose of the my relentless mindset with this one.

Speaking of relentless… I’ve done some soul-searching the past year or so and I’ve really pondered on my relentlessness… sometimes I feel a bit hypocritical because I have fallen off the map a bit… I’ve got an article written on my website so I won’t spoil the surprise… go check it out at nicklatoof.com/relentless-revisited (not yet finished, sorry).


I promise the whole show won’t be filled with profanity but one may slip here and there, depends on how fired up I get… but, this is a topic I find incredible important and I want others to think about…

I’ll just bluntly say it, we give too many shits about every, little, thing… we care about what Kanye West tweeted… like really?? We actually give a shit about Kanye West’s political views… we care what Whoopi Goldberg says on the view?! Like any of this affects our lives in any way… but, I guess it really does because we talk about it, update facebook about it and get into twitter wars with bots about it…

The thing is… it shouldn’t affect us… I think most would agree (at least you should) that we only have a limited amount of cares to give… or as Mark Manson beautifully puts it in his book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck,” we only have a limited amount of fucks to give. Let’s give those fucks to something that’s truly fuck-worthy…

People think this mindset thing is hoaky and gimmicky and I empathize with those people because there are lot of idiots out there now selling some straight bullshit… but the power of the mind is truly an untapped resource…

I mean aren’t there truly better things to care about??

I think we get wrapped up in having to be “in the know,” that we lose what really matters. We want so badly to embarrass our co-worker over the latest political scandal, like it’s going to give you a bonus or something… if we spent half the time on becoming better people as we do on digging up all the dirt we can find on a story, we’d be much better off…

I guess my question is… what do we gain from giving a fuck about all the petty non-sense in the world?

You give a fuck about the latest Trump tweet but you’re weeks behind at work… or you bitch and complain because you haven’t took that leap of faith and started your own business…

People care about things too much!!

There’s an old saying that implies you should take care of the little things or focus on the little things… the little things matter…

Well, I don’t believe that to be true… Allow me to change that for you!


“The little things that matter, matter.”
– Nick LaToof


Not all the little things matter… and you’ll waste a huge chunk of your life if you try to get all the little things to fit just right… many times that is what stops people from starting…

Look guys, my intention with this podcast, documenting my story, and every other piece of content I produce is to help you think differently, to see all sides, and to find out what it means to you…

I have the best of intent with this podcast and although you may not always agree with the language, I find that it’s quite necessary in order to get your message across… the world has become too soft and I just want to help toughen it back up…

I want you to take charge of you life… this is your life and there’s only one person to blame if it’s not going the way you’d like it too… I hope this podcast lights a fire under your ass and helps you live your best life…

Looking Ahead

Next week’s podcast is entitle “You’re Gonna Get Fucked”… i know, i know… the F word… but this is based on an epiphany I had one day while driving through Western Colorado… the general thesis is: you’ve got to pick your battles! Can’t win them all.

I’m excited about that one; I think you’ll all enjoy it!

The week after I’m doing a podcast called “Flipping through Instagram.” It’s pretty self-explanatory. I’ll turn on the mic, open up instagram and basically just talk shit about what i don’t like and the things I do like… don’t worry, I won’t call anybody out personally but if you get offended or think I’m talking about you… well, if the shoe fits wear that mother fucker!


In wrapping up, I just want us to think about what we really care about. Are you spending enough time and energy with those things? OR are you neglecting what you really care about for some petty bullshit news that will be irrelevant in a couple of weeks when it’s replaced with more bullshit “breaking news.”

Freakin’ A, everything is breaking fucking news these days…

Speaking of petty non-sense, I’ve got some new relentless swag in: snapbacks! And they’re bitchin’!! They’ll be available this but they’re already on the website and I’ll start taking pre-orders, right meow!!

Check them out, they’re in the show notes. If you want to pre-order, email me at contact@nicklatoof.com.


If you’ve made it this far, thank you! I think you’ll really enjoy this season of the podcast… I’m currently in small town Alaska and really digging. And I can literally say that I’m dropping this podcast because I’m so much further north than probably everybody listening to this.

If not, drop me a tweet and let me know where you’re at. You can also follow me personally on IG… I’m up to 17k followers, not sure how that happened, pretty sure that somebody bought me followers or they were accidentally delivered to me, regardless, thank you I guess…

I will be trying to post more frequently than I have in the past but only shit I really care about… once again big thanks to the unofficial sponsors of the show! Show them some love, buy their products and let them know I sent ya… I’m only promoting good shit, so rest assured.

Alright that’s enough non-sense for one morning, you guys have a great day!

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