Ep. #19 – “The Metaphor of the Mountains”

A mile high podcast straight from Liberty Cap in Grand Junction, CO. I chat with a hiking enthusiast and long-time friend. Logan and I share a very similar mindset and have set out to make life our own.

Boy, did I enjoy this conversation. That’s one thing I love about podcasting. You can do from anywhere. We decided to do this podcast after a brisk mile and half hike and a gain of 1,000 ft in elevation.

Logan and I have very similar mindsets and are certainly not afraid to “just go.” Taking calculated risks can pay off and they certainly have for Logan and myself. In this podcast we discuss those risks and why Logan feels like it was the best thing he’s ever done.

Logan and I go way back. Here’s a little bit more about my esteemed guest.

About Logan

Logan and I both graduated from DeKalb High School in 2009. We both went to Carson-Newman College (now Carson-Newman Univ) our first semester of college. We both transferred after that first semester and started making our own paths.

Last summer, Logan took a 10,000 mile road trip across the American West and that’s where his love for the great outdoors began. Nowadays, you can find Logan summiting 14ers, taking weekend river camping trips, and taking advantage of everything Colorado has to over.

I think you’ll really enjoy this conversation with Logan. Be sure to show some love to his Instagram page. I have linked it here @logancjackson

Show Notes

1:30 – What Logan Likes About Grand Junction
2:48 – Why Logan Moved to Grand Junction
5:45 – Nick and Logan in the Mile High City (Denver, CO)
7:30 – The State of Real Estate
8:05 – Geographical Bearings
9:10 – Similar Mindsets
10:03 – Logan’s Definition of Success
10:53 – Logan’s Personal Goals
13:02 – How Logan Defines Happiness
15:00 – Why Nick Will Go Back to Southern California
16:22 – Why Nick’s Out in Colorado
19:07 – Con’s of Grand Junction
20:38 – When Bad Things Happen…
22:02 – The Metaphor of the Mountains
25:08 – Earning the View
28:07 – Final Thoughts

Mentioned in the Show

Liberty Cap

Grand Junction, CO

The Junction (Local Restaurant in DeKalb, TX)

“Testing My Fearless-ness”


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