#27 “You Either Win or Learn” – Matt Mosman

If you’re looking to improve your endurance performance in 2018, this is the podcast for you! Endurance athlete and supplement expert joins Nick for episode 27 of Inside the Relentless Mindset.

Matt Mosman


“If it works for you, great! But just know, that there’s nothing magical about it.”

Matt Mosman – Chief Endurance Officer, MS, CISSN, CSCS – Part Scientist, Part Endurance Freak, & Dead Serious About Bringing You High-Quality Endurance Supplements To Help You Perform Your Best

Matt’s endurance journey began in high school in search of the school record in the 2 mile race. His hard work paid off as he blew the record away and so his endurance athletic career began.

He continued his running career at Creighton University. While at Creighton, Matt was able to work alongside top supplement researchers, such as Dr. Jeff Stout. As an athlete, Matt wanted to give himself every [legal] advantage he could get. So, he began to take supplements in hopes of bettering his performance.

He has helped develop supplements for various supplement company’s. Now, Matt has his own supplement line tailored to endurance athletes. He prides himself on giving accurate information and top quality products to help others perform at their best!

I think you’ll enjoy this conversation with Matt. Please, visit Endurelite.com to scope out all the products and information that Matt offers.

Show Notes

4:08 – Matt & Nick’s Connection
5:30 – Matt’s Start into the Endurance World
7:35 – Matt’s 20 Year Record
9:37 – Univ. of California, in Pennsylvania?
10:31 – What/who is an Endurance Athlete?
11:27 – Common Mistakes Endurance Athletes Make
14:34 – Pre-Hab, Addressing Problems before they become injuries
15:54 – Common Movement Pattern Errors
19:24 – Ketogenic Diet For Endurance Athletes
23:44 – Carb Responders vs. Fat Responders
28:23 – Caffeine Consumption, Endurance vs Strength
30:28 – Creatine and Endurance Athletes
33:36 – Strength Training For Endurance Athletes
39:55 – Carb Cycling
43:00 – Early Morning Fasted Training
44:58 – Balancing Between Performance & Optimum Physique
48:52 – Protein Intake Recommendation
50:15 – Sprint Training Along With Endurance Training
53:20 – Jargons/Fads Matt Wishes Would Die
59:00 – Altitude Masks
1:00:00 – Tools of the Endurance Trade
1:06:31 – Avoiding Burnout
1:08:48 – How to stop the seat on your bike from hurting your ass
1:12:03 – Favorite Quotes
1:15:51 – Worse Piece of Advice
1:19:16 – How Does Matt Define Success
1:21:48 – Currently Reading & Other Books
1:24:55 – Find Matt Online
1:25:33 – Final Thoughts


Mentioned in the Show

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Strength Training Program [endurelite.com]

Meme of Different Diet Comparisons

Altitude Masks Study


Garmin Pheonix

Tipping Point – Malcom Gladwell

Man’s Search For Meaning – Viktor Frankl



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