Ep. #21 – “The Ripple Affect”

In this episode, we discuss the actual result of sharing positivity. I believe that we all have a purpose here on earth. Doing what we are called to do is ultimately what makes our lives worth living.


I’ve got an awesome dude on the show for Ep. #21. He’s driven by his faith and strives with a Relentless spirit to positively impact people.

I really enjoyed this conversation and getting to know PJ better. I’ve been very blessed with the people I have met through my journey and PJ is no exception to that!

About PJ

Paul Jenkins, AKA PJ, lives in Long Beach, CA. He works with Inspired Nutraceuticals, which is a local brand that’s very popular on the West Coast. PJ is incredibly passionate about his faith, as you’ll see in our conversation.He strives to use the platform to help bless others who cross his path.

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Show Notes

1:30 – How PJ Got Hooked Up w/ Inspired Nutraceuticals
3:50 – PJ’s Writing History
5:50 – Hospital for the Broken
8:25 – PJ’s Daily Routine for Success
9:58 – Long Term Success
10:48 – PJ’s take on McGregor / Mayweather Fight
16:15 – Searching for Happiness
17:15 – Happiness is…
17:48 – Fulfillment Over Achievement
19:50 – PJ’s Purpose
21:56 – The Power of Death
24:09 – The Ripple Affect
25:08 – Meeting Paul Walker
29:15 – What Impact Can I Make?
33:40 – Obey Your Convictions
36:14 – Find PJ Online
37:13 – Go Make an Impact!



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