#29 – “When Something’s Forced, It Doesn’t Come Natural” – Zane Hadzick

The king of shredz himself joins the podcast and discuss how he’s able to stay so lean, his love of fitness & travel, and how his fitness goals are secondary to family.

I got a chance to meet Zane in person at the LA Fit Expo in Jan of 2018. He’s everything I thought he was and more, after meeting him in person. I learned a lot from this conversation and I know you will too. Enjoy!


“When something’s forced, it doesn’t come natural.”

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In 2013, Zane received an invitation from Bodybuilding.com to enter into their spokesmodel contest. He ended up placing fourth overall but found a real comfort in a position to educate and inspire others.

His success in the spokesmodel contest carried over to all aspects of life. After dropping out years earlier, Zane returned to college with his newly found confidence, self-discipline, and relentless spirit. Zane finished is undergraduate and graduate degrees with 4.0 GPAs.

Today, Zane lives in Philadelphia with his wife and two beautiful daughters. Zane works full time for FEMA as an environmental scientist. He’s a spokesperson for several health and fitness companies but he’ll be the first to tell you that being a dad, comes first!

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Show Notes

1:15 – Zane’s Background / Dealing with Hypoglycemia
7:26 – A New Diet
10:55 – Becoming Associated w/ Bodybuilding.com
16:53 – Writing & Video For Bodybuilding.com
18:15 – Feelings When Asked For Autographs
22:22 – Fitness is a priority but not the TOP priority
25:18 – Typical Day for Zane
27:20 – Adapting to Travel
30:00 – Zane’s Nutritional Routine
33:20 – Focus on the Bigger Picture
36:02 – Training without a Gym & Zane’s Current Routine
41:50 – Zane’s Favorite States
47:18 – Zane’s Definition of Success
49:35 – Encouraging Kids to Live on Their Own Terms
53:03 – Favorite Quotes
54:38 – Favorite “Cheat Meals”
57:15 – Zane’s Current Reads
1:00:28 – Final Thoughts

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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Dr. Suess

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