#25 “Answering The Call” – Chad McCrary

In this episode, Nick sits down with wheelchair bodybuilder, motivational speaker, Chad McCrary. Nick dives in deep into the mindset of what it took for Chad to overcome the odds and be a true inspirational story.

Chad’s Background

A former firefighter and paramedic, Chad McCrary answered the call to help others. He took great pride in his work and was adamant about providing the very best care for his patients.

In a motocross accident in 2005, Chad’s ability to work as a firefighter and paramedic was taken from him. While devastated, Chad refused to be counted out and competed as a wheelchair bodybuilder merely six months after his accident.

Chad has since used his relentless effort to overcome every obstacle thrown his way. He is now an advocate for spinal cord research by teaming up with the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation.

Chad also shares his story about overcoming his addiction to pain killers and alcohol, along with being an advocate for suicide awareness.  Chad’s story will inspire and convince you that you too can beat the odds.


IG: @McCraryChad

FB: Chad Russell McCrary

Show Outline

1:30 – Putting Together the Book
2:35 – Chad’s Initial Thoughts Upon Meeting Nick
4:38 – The Process of Writing the Book
5:35 – Beginning of Chad’s Story
7:49 – The Day of Accident
11:30 – Never Being Able to Return to the Line of Duty
13:30 – Thoughts During Recovery
17:30 – Benefits of Bodybuilding
21:22 – The Biggest Hurdles are Mental
24:07 – A Life-Changing Moment
25:20 – “The Only One Who Can Change My Life Is Me”
28:35 – Addressing Fear
30:55 – Best Way To Beat Fear
33:32 – Managing Expectations
35:10 – Keeping the Big Picture in Perspective
36:44 – Bad Day or Bad 15 Minutes?
37:45 – Practical Thoughts on Suicide
44:58 – Chad’s Hope For The Book
46:30 – Favorite Quotes
48:12 – Definition of Success
51:04 – Worse Piece of Advice?
56:06 – Favorite ‘Cheat Meal’
56:30 – Purpose of Cheat Meal
58:07 – Favorite Part about the book coming together
1:06:21 – Final Thoughts

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