#32 – “You’re Gonna Get Screwed”

Yo! Yo! Yo! The heat is on with this one, as Nick discusses picking your battles and getting screwed over. It’s inevitable that life will throw some curves and occasionally beam us right in the dome. However, we can’t always control what happens to us but we can control our response and potentially minimize all the damage. Tune in and find out how Nick feels about getting screwed over!

“You’re Gonna Get Screwed”
Release Date: June 8, 2018


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One day driving through Grand Junction, I had an epiphany. I had just picked my truck up from getting the oil changed, tires rotated, and breaks checked. It was right before I would embark on my longest, most remote road trip to date.

I had a couple hundred dollars on my ole trusty F150. It didn’t surprise me, I figured I’d need some tweaking of my breaks. They had been talking to me over the past few weeks.

Nonetheless, I thought to myself that it might be beneficial to learn some things about my truck so that I wouldn’t get taken advantage of. But, as I thought deeper, I came to the conclusion that I don’t have time to learn that. One can’t know everything and I stay behind on projects, of which I want to do and enjoy.

So… to through something in the mix that I’m not passionate about, even though it may come in handy down the road, would only Spread me thinner and turn me into a less productive head-case.

Like I said, we can’t know everything and trying to do so is a fool’s errand, to say the least. We’ve gotta pick our battles, swallow our pride, and admit that we may get screwed from time to time.

While nobody wants to be screwed or taken advantage of, you’d be making matters much worse if you attempted to know everything about everything. I’d be willing to bet that you’d screw yourself even more than having others occasionally take advantage of you.

You’ve got to pick your battles. You have to make clear which areas are yours, that you’ll know the ends and outs and refuse to get fucked over in. I’d say one could easily handle ¾ of these areas.

There would also be maybe a handful of other areas that you’d know a little bit about. Basically, just enough to shoot the shit with some people at church but hardly enough to make any money doing it.

The remaining thousands of things, you’ll just have to do your best to not get screwed over. This is where your friends list comes in handy.

If you don’t have friends, chances are good that you’re just an asshole and you probably deserve to get screwed over, anyway.

Most people have an extensive enough friends list to be able to have references for many different services such as mechanics, doctors, etc., especially if you live the majority of your life in one place.

I don’t necessarily have that option but I feel that I am not the norm. People like me will get screwed more than those who live in one place but that’s why I’ve adapted the mindset that I’m gonna get screwed from time to time.

Obviously, I don’t want this to happen but I’m being too optimistic and perhaps, down right foolish if I think bad things will never happen. Contrary to popular belief, I actually think about things and don’t shoot from the hip from time to time.

What people in my situation must do is take caution and limit, as much as possible, how we get screwed over.

But, I don’t want to turn this into about me… I want to instill in you a mindset that allows you to live in the real world without crazy optimism or bullshit pessimism.

I certainly lean more on the optimism side but I hardly fart rainbows and shit skittles. I know things can and will happens; I do my best to prevent them and when they do occur, I don’t allow myself to get all depressed. Sure I may cuss and throw things but that’s just how I handle it and that way of handling it is becoming more and more rare, with time.

Awe, I guess I’m finally growing up… sigh

Main thesis here is pick your battles. You can’t fight them all and you damn sure can’t win them all.

Find the ones that you’d rather dive into a canyon than lose and make sure you know your shit.

Find the ones that are smart for you to win the majority of the time. Do your due-diligence, cross your i’s and dot the t’s.

For everything else, just make sure you’re not bending over and allowing everyone to fuck you over. Have a little bit of a backbone and if you’re feeling you’re getting screwed, say something.

But, if it’s something small and relatively insignificant, just let it go. Don’t be that person who flips out over a 15 cent raise of your double cheeseburger at McDonalds. (You know your fat ass is going to buy it anyway.)

This kind of ties into last week’s podcast. Focus on shit that matters and disregard what doesn’t. Life’s too short to be bothered with petty bullshit!

So you’ll probably get screwed over a few times… is it worth having it ruin your life? of course not! Unless of course that getting screwed over literally ruins your life… in that case I am sorry.

But remember, it’s not about what happens to us; it’s about how we respond. I suggest responding in a way that you benefit from it. It’s really the only good option you have.

View it this way, things don’t happen to you; things happen for you!

Hope you enjoyed this episode of “Inside the Relentless Mindset.” Be sure to tune in next week where we’ll be flipping through IG and talking shit.

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On a serious note, thank you so much for listening and I pray that my thoughts can provoke you to start seeing things differently and that it opens your mind to how truly great the world is around us and how blessed we are to call this place home.

Have a great weekend. Cheers!


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