How My Fitness Career Started

The Podcast is Back! And, It Has New Face! (well, sort of) In this episode, I talk about how my fitness career got started and the major events that have put me in the current position I find myself today!

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Check it out! I’m working on some new podcast art and about 97% I’m going to use the below image. You might recognize it… it’s from my book!

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If you have any ideas, send them over! Show notes are below!


1:32 – What’s New w/ Nick?
2:10 – My Business
2:42 – Why I Teamed Up w/ NutraBio
3:30 – Friend / Fan Question
4:15 – My Fitness Story (“The Beginning”)
6:48 – First Job in Fitness
8:09 – Context is Everything
11:20 – Next Step (Supplement World)
13:22 – Why I Eat 1/2 Meals per Day
14:45 – Why I Dropped Grad School
16:19 – Nick’s Current Fasting Record
19:17 – My Little Dog, Sophie
21:23 – Getting on my Feet in Los Angeles
22:29 – Everybody Knows Mike!
23:40 – Getting Started w/ NutraBio
25:30 – Keep That Luck Shit in Your Pocket!
28:43 – The Only Way I’ll Go Into Coaching
31:20 – What I Needed From A Brand (in order to be a rep)
32:18 – What I Want For You!
33:00 – Future of the Podcast
34:20 – Website Revisions
36:15 – What “Inside the Relentless Mindset” Is All About


Mentioned in the Podcast!

Intermittent Fasting Goodies

Intermittent Fasting
Nick breaks down the basics of intermittent fasting, surely to be a great primer for all those who may not be familiar with intermittent fasting. Struggling to get those 6 meals in a day?

Nick provides the solution in this video blog that’s sure to change your mind on the fitness industries meal frequency theory. Open your mind and get ready to welcome new achievements!

Intermittent Fasting – Lipscomb University Talk
This is a lecture I gave in my Advanced Nutritional Biochemistry course as part of my Exercise and Nutrition Science graduate program.

I touch on the mechanisms behind why and how intermittent fasting works, backing it up with research. There is never a one size fits all solution when it comes to health and fitness but there are certain principles that just can’t be neglected.

I’ve used many of them discussed here and explain what they’ve done for me. The Q & A at the end has some golden stuff too.


Nick’s Picks

blueberry margarita - steve's landing

Steve’s Landing

Steve’s Landing
– Crystal Beach, TX


Mikko Sushi

Mikko Sushi
– Carlsbad, CA

Beach Deli Hut
– San Diego, CA


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