#34 – “Doing Things You Don’t Want to Do”

In life, there will be things that you’ll need to do that you may not exactly want to do. However, it’s important to take a step back and see how those things affect the overall picture. Each stage of life should serve that ultimate goal, allow you to learn and better yourself, and help others somehow along the way.

This podcast is based off an article I recently wrote entitled, “Doing Things You Don’t Want to Do.” There will absolutely be things you’ll find yourself doing that you do not wish to. But, it’s important to ensure that those things provide you value, either now or in the future.

We have gifts and responsibilities and are called to do things that will help the greater good. It is our duty to accept these tasks and complete them knowing they will be of great benefit to others.

“No role is so well suited for philosophy as the one you are in right now.”
– Marcus Aurelius

In life, you will go through times where it’s not where you want to be. During those times, think of it as sacrificing today for a better tomorrow. The position you find yourself in currently is preparing you for the future.

For those people who are in a position to help people, that’s great and I fully believe that we should strive to help others. But, if we are completely selfless, we will soon grow weary and frustrated about our lack of personal growth.

Fear Setting – Tim Ferriss

Work should serve interests and contain a healthy dose of self-help and helping others.

Enjoy the podcast and lets have a great week!