Ep. #45 – “Don’t Find, Create”

In this episode, Nick takes you through the first and pivotal chapter of his book, The Relentless Mindset, which this podcast is based off of.

In essence, Nick discusses that we must take accountability of our own lives. If we want to make a change in the world, we must start by changing ourselves. Before we can change ourselves, we must learn about who are and what drives us.

The mindset is an ever-evolving thing and it can be quite hard to contain at times. However, we must never underestimate it’s ability to bring things to life.

We must think and plan then we must execute. The strategy is that simple. It’s the work that’s hard. But, nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.

So today, let’s cast off our doubts and excuses, find our strength and courage, and make our way to the people we were destined to be!