Ep. #15 – “Questions You Must Ask”

This episode has a special treat for ya. I break down a chapter in my book, “The Relentless Mindset” in hopes to get you started on the right track of your journey.

Good day friends. This episode is one I think will bring you a ton of value. In this episode, I break down the key questions you must ask and answer to get started on your journey!

It is important to have a plan before you get started. I believe this will be a very beneficial place to start your journey. I’ve got the show breakdown listed below. And, without further delay, enjoy the show!

Show Notes

1:38 – Podcast Format Going Forward
2:08 – Inspiration for the Podcast
4:55 – Chapter 2 “Questions You Must Answer”
5:38 – What Do YOU Want?
8:25 – Power of Perception
9:35 – Pleasing Others
10:00 – Nick’s Take on Pleasing Others
11:05 – How Do YOU Define Happiness
12:47 – Happiness or Comfortable?
14:15 – How Do YOU Define Success?
15:00 – Nick’s Definition of Success
17:17 – Why?
18:15 – Talking Legacy
19:32 – Best Time to Get Started?
20:57 – Nick’s Sticht & Chapter Recap
24:15 – Applying Your Answers
25:07 – Moving Forward Recap
28:30 – How to Buy My Book?

Mentioned in the Show

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Weekend Thoughts