Ep. #16 – “What Are You Committed To?”

Short and sweet podcast today. Don’t let the length fool you though, this is another one that’ll get the ole wheels turning in that there brain of yours. Perfect way to start your weekend, if you ask me!

“If I had six hours to chop down a tree,
I’d spend four hours sharpening my axe.”

Show Notes

1:18 – “To What Service Is My Soul Committed?” Meditations, Marcus Aurelius 5.11
1:53 – Ryan Holiday’s Take on the Above Quote (Read from The Daily Stoic)
2:41 – Do We REALLY Know What We Want?
3:09 – Nick’s Journal Writings
3:29 – What Nick’s Committed To
5:50 – Confused on Your Path / Direction
6:27 – Nick’s One Wish For All The Listeners

Mentioned in the Show

YouTube Channel
The Daily Stoic – Book by Ryan Holiday
IconMeals – Meal Prep Service Delivered Directly to your Door! (“latoof” saves 10%)

Journal Entry

I’m committed to living an interesting life… I’m committed to doing, seeing, and experiencing things most people won’t… I’m committed to documenting my story… I’m committed to motivating and inspiring others through my story…

I’m committed to writing, podcasting, videos, content creation… valuable content…

I’m committed to turning my dreams of travel and experience into reality… I’m committed to trusting my faith and taking leaps…

I’m committed to fighting and pushing through the hard times… I’m committed to never giving up… I’m committed to making my own path… I’m committed to being #Relentless…

What’s Your Commitment?!

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Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for listening and/or watching! The podcast is picking up momentum and it’s going to be hard to stop. I’m enjoying putting them together. I hope that you are enjoying them and getting value!

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