Episode #5 – Gratitude

In this episode, I discuss the importance of gratitude and how important it is to your productivity, efficiency, and overall happiness. Learn about what drives Nick and get a better understanding inside his head.

…Mentioned In The Show…

GNC NutraBio Demo Video
It was such a privilege to be back in my hometown doing some work with a supplement company I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of!! Check out the video and see exactly what the heck I do at these demo’s!

Check out all the products NutraBio offers. Check out my stack here. Save 10% on your stack with my code: “latoof” Enjoy my friends!

“The Mecca” of Bodybuilding
It’s been such a surreal experience for me, living and working so closely to the place where bodybuilding and fitness as a whole really took off. There’s something powerful about being in this gym, where all the greats have trained and many still do! It’s powerful and such a blessing to have it right in my backyard. I take advantage of it as much as I can!

Body Energy Club – Hollywood, CA
This health food store is right on Hollywood BLVD. I’m outside doing this demo and I can literally see the Hollywood Stars in front of me. Such a crazy life we live, aye? The foot traffic at this location is awesome and I’m really able to drop some knowledge on customers. I hope to grab some footage of a demo here soon!

Metroflex Gym – Long Beach, CA
Hands down, one of the best gyms I’ve ever trained at. Great old school vibe. Being around some serious lifters is always motivating to me. I snagged a solid workout here. If I’m in the area again, I’ll definitely go back!

Greg Plitt
A guy I greatly admired and still look up to. I feel as I am on a very similar journey to the one he lived. He’s still such a great source of inspiration and motivation to me, even after a couple years after his passing… #LegacyLivesOn

LA Urban Fitness Nutrition Center – Santa Monica, CA
This is another solid demo spot. Lots of foot traffic and knowledgeable consumers. Always enjoy coming here.

 Make Every Day Great
This is the article I referenced in the podcast. I couldn’t think of the name at the time but this is a solid, short read that can be very beneficial when implemented.

 The Necessity of Recovery
This video has been one of the most popular and most powerful video blogs I’ve done to date. This message is one that doesn’t get shared enough. This video means a lot to me, it pays tribute to a great family in North Carolina that I’m blessed enough to be able call part of my family.

Email? In 2017? This Is How I Do It
This is a short article I wrote disclosing my new auto-responder email. It’s designed to be funny and perhaps bring a smile across the face of those who email me. Short read, check it out.


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