Ep. #4 The Secret to True Happiness

This podcast will make you laugh, inform you on what’s keeping me busy in SoCal, and, if we’re lucky, give you a ‘light-bulb’ moment that may just change your life…

Forgive the clickbait-y title but it did catch your attention, aye?? This message is worth sharing so I pulled all the stops. I give you the direction of the podcast and what you can expect from me in the future!

In This Episode…

Here are some links and information to things I reference in the podcast:In this podcast, I’m all by my lonesome… unless you count my Intra-Blast amino acids. I sip on these all day long, especially during my fasted state. Scope them out here! Use code “latoof” and save.

Mountain High – this is where I went snowboarding

Heart Issues & Struggles

Summer of 2016 was a rough one… in this video you’ll learn a little bit about what I face in July of 2016… the video is taken from a SnapChat story… you can follow me on SC @nlatoof…

Here is a full length video of where my mindset was during these troubling times…

YouTube Videos

Fasted Friday – I take you through a full day of a 24 hour fast

Here’s a preview video of my super, wicked easy to make Protein Quesadilla! Full video can be found here!

Shredded Stupid Simple (Part 1) – Motivation

My Questions For You

How do you feel about dropping the F-Bomb (or any profanity) on social media??

Who determined what curse words were curse words?? Who wrote these rules??

Do you get overwhelmed with too many projects, jobs, etc?? How do you solve that problem?

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