The Secret to True Happiness?

This podcast will make you laugh, inform you on what’s keeping me busy in SoCal, and, if we’re lucky, give you a ‘light-bulb’ moment that may just change your life…

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Forgive the clickbait-y title but it did catch your attention, aye?? This message is worth sharing so I pulled all the stops. I give you the direction of the podcast and what you can expect from me in the future!

…In This Episode…

Here are some links and information to things I reference in the podcast:

In this podcast, I’m all by my lonesome… unless you count my Intra-Blast amino acids. I sip on these all day long, especially during my fasted state. Scope them out here!

Mountain High – this is where I went snowboarding!!

Heart Issues & Struggles (Summer ’16)

  • In this video, you’ll learn a little bit about the scary situation I faced back in the July of 2016… this video is a SnapChat story… follow me on SnapChat?? – @nlatoof
  • Here is a full length video on where my mindset was during these troubling and questionable times…

YouTube Videos

Fasted Friday – In this video, I take you through an entire 24 hour fast.
Nick’s CookBook – Protein Quesadilla Preview Video
Shredded Stupid Simple (Part 1) – Motivation

…My Questions For You…

How do you feel about dropping the F-Bomb (or any profanity) on social media??
Tweet me your thoughts!! @nlatoof

Do you get overwhelmed with too many projects, jobs, etc?? How do you solve that problem?

Who determined what curse words were curse words?? Who wrote these rules??



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